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Vans EMEA BMX Welcomes Anthony Perrin to the Team

It’s been unofficial since January 2014, but we’re pleased to finally announce a new addition to the Vans Family, as we welcome French rider Anthony Perrin to the EMEA BMX Team.
Anthony was first signed to Vans on a local level, joining the French team in 2012, although with his potential, it was only a matter of time before he stepped up and joined the ranks of the EMEA riders.
EMEA BMX TM Andy Zeiss says:“We are super happy to have Anto in the European Team now. When we started flowing him in 2012, you could already see that the guy has what it takes to make it.“
Anthony joins 11 other riders, including names like Bruno Hoffmann, Dan Lacey and Harry Main. All are welcoming him with open arms, completing the dozen.

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